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Canadian digital marketing agency powered by humans as well as A.I – a team of results driven professionals who loves scaling and growing businesses, through design, development and automation.

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Accelerate business growth with 4BG
Convert with optimized Landing pages Lead magnets and Automated follow up Processes Manage Social profiles with scheduled posts and AI automation Generate more leads with Email SMS MMS and call campaigns Use lead scoring goal setting audience targeting and segmentation for maximum impact All inside one comprehensive software solution Get the growth your business deserves with 4BG 4 Business growth

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Build and design custom websites within budget, reflecting your vision.

Custom Websites

Our developers create custom websites tailored to your needs and budget using appropriate technology.

Business Process

Set of repeatable activities to achieve business goals and improve efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Marketing Collateral

Materials used to support sales and marketing, inform customers, and build brand recognition.

Web & Mobile Applications

We specialize in developing web and mobile applications for various platforms to provide a range of functionalities.

Setup Automation

Design custom client journeys and implement automation for better experiences and goal attainment.

Landing Pages

Design optimized landing pages for effective campaigns and conversions.

Marketing Funnels

Build customized, high-converting marketing funnels for business success.

E-Mail Automation

Design and automate email journeys for improved customer experiences and engagement.

Branding & Packaging

Design branding and packaging that effectively represents and showcases a company's image and values.

Lead Generation Funnels

Build lead generation funnels that effectively capture and nurture leads, driving business growth.

Sales Process Automation

Automate sales processes for increased efficiency, productivity, and revenue.

Advertising Campaigns

Design impactful social media campaigns to reach target audience and achieve desired goals.

Social Media Campaign

Develop customized social media campaigns to effectively reach target audience and achieve business goals.

Social Media Automation

Automate social media activities for improved efficiency, engagement, and results.

Marketing Campaigns

Design effective marketing campaigns that reach target audience, communicate value, and achieve desired goals.

Develop Campaigns

Develop tailored marketing campaigns to reach target audience, effectively communicate value, and drive business success.

Automation Campaigns

Develop and implement automation campaigns for increased efficiency, productivity, and results.

Accelerate your advertising success with 4BG

Improve targeting, efficiency, and results

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Why Work with 4BG?

1. Proven track record of successfully delivering projects, websites, applications, and results on marketing campaigns.

2. Canadian marketing agency that understands the Canadian market & Canadian needs.

3. Dedicated project managers who take care of the project from start to finish.

4. Straightforward pricing with no hidden charges.

5. Do it Yourself Option where you just used our award-winning A. I software and take care of business yourself!

And last but certainly not least. Our services pay for themselves over a period of time because we either make you money through marketing (and get you 2x, 3x, and 5x returns) or save you a ton through automation! So really, you’ve got nothing to lose!


Industries we work with:

B2B organizations
Real estate
Accounting Firms
Financial Services
Software & Tech Businesses
Religious organizations
Non-Profit organizations
Shopify Stores
eCommerce Marketing
Construction & Renovation
Brick & Mortar Business


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Our Process

Discovery | Audit | Scope Definition | Agreement & Execution

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All in one Marketing Automation Software



Run powerful automation with a super-easy

Lead Management

Profile your leads, segment your audience and manage your lists

Email Marketing

Send personalized email campaigns to engage with your leads

Manage Contacts

Generate, manage and grow your leads to enhance your conversions

Social Media

Centralize management of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest profiles with one platform for monitoring activity, Schedule Posts, Reply and more

Landing Pages

Create stunning landing pages that convert. No coding required.


Analyze and study client behavior, manage and evaluate all website visitors, social media app users, and clients with 4bg marketing integration.

Pipeline Manager

Customize your own plan by choosing your preferred add-on feature.


Customize your own plan by choosing your preferred add-on feature.


Integrates with thousands of 3rd party apps.

Phone & SMS Call Center

Make calls and send messages directly from platform. Monitor, record calls, and keep track of everything in one place.

Best Chat Support

Fast, friendly, knowledgeable, effective, convenient customer service.

Connect to your favorite Apps effortlessly

with our Marketing Automation Software​

Simplify your SME's B2B B2C eCommerce Marketing

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4BG was designed to remove the complexities from your marketing process.

We cover all the main aspects of marketing processes into a simple to use software.

What can you do with it?

Simplify your marketing Run email campaigns Manage your leads Build your funnels Manage Social Media Accounts Build landing pages Automate everything!

What can you do with it?

Simplify your marketing Run email campaigns Manage your leads Build your funnels Manage Social Media Accounts Build landing pages Automate everything!

We make marketing and technology work for you!

Over 1000 Companies Like Yourself are Using our Platform Today To Grow and Automate their Marketing

We integrate with your current marketing tools and sync with all the major players so you don’t have to worry about the cross-over. Speak to one of our consultants to see it in action.